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Art courses for kids

Art lessons for children is a course where your children will learn various skills and do different art activities.

  • We will have a program where they will learn techniques to use unusual materials, not just brushes. The child will be able to develop color schemes and varied compositions from them, as well as perspective volume and space.
  • Alejandra Núñez has worked with children since 2007; after studying a degree in fine arts in Mexico and Spain and a post-graduate course in painting at FAVU in Brno she has participated in more than 25 courses and has presented work in more than 20 exhibitions, of which 4 were as the sole artist, around Mexico, Spain and the Czech Republic.  She has experience working in schools in private and government institutions for children of ages 2.5 to 14 years.
  • We begin the second Monday in January 2014 from 3 to  7pm, the cost per course is 4950kcz (22 lessons) 90 min each lesson,  from January to June.  The course include material except for a short list of basic materials (scissors, gown or shirt to work) and the material for more advanced projects (racks and canvas for painting). Is also possible to open courses on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, please let us know your preferences.
  • If you decide to pay the whole course you will have a 5% discount, or you can make two payments: January-March (12 lessons), April-June (10 lessons).
  • If you are not sure that your child will like the lessons, we offer a sample class for 125 crowns per hour, by appointment.
  • We will have an exhibition at the end of the course (venues to be confirmed).
  • We guarantee personalized attention as groups will be a maximum of 8 children per class (to open a schedule requires at least 5 children) in case that children of a specific age groups will form a majority we will split groups according to age.
  • While waiting for your little artists, adults are welcome to have a coffee in the front of the study and will have no problem if the weather surprises us.
  • Families who have more than one artist will get  a discount of 10%, families who have only one artist at home do not worry, because if they recommend the course to an artist friend, they will also get a 10% discount.
  • It will be possible to recover the class if for any reason the artist cannot attend the class, in which case kindly let us know as soon as possible.
  • Currently the courses are offered only for children 4-12 years old, if you do not fall within that age range and you have an interest in the activities, let us know and we will create a class specifically for you, remember that the minimum number of people to open a schedule is 5 people.
  • The requirements for artists to take this course are: basic grasp of Spanish or English and a taste for drawing and painting,  and for the little ones of 4 or 5 years, skills in handling activities (use of scissors and basic domain of brush and strokes).

We are happy to start on this new adventure with you. :)


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